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General Comments

Rose TableRoses grow in nearly every part of the world. The roses we have collected and chosen for propagation will withstand temperatures of -30c or colder and survive to flower and grow the following year. This eliminates a large percentage of the species and cultivated varieties. What remains, however, is a vast array of colors, textures, forms and fruits. Roses that have been relegated to near oblivion, because they do not resemble a greenhouse rose or hybrid tea, can be exciting elements in a garden. Scents that gave the rose its reputation will now permeate your garden on a still summer night. Prepare to discover treasures that will enhance any garden. Unlike many cultivated roses, the roses we offer can be grown without chemicals or sometimes even attention, many being long lived landscape shrubs.

Variety of RosesWe use no pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers in the production of our roses. Fields are hand and machine cultivated. Soil fertility is provided by additions of compost, crab meal and mulch. The roses you receive have been rooted in sand, stored in a walk in freezer, planted in the field for one to two years, harvested, graded and packed to end up in your mailbox, the real one that is.

Under each variety name are listed: Hardiness zone * Breeder * Country of origin * Date of introduction * Height * Parentage
Fragrance: f - little or none, ff - mild, fff - strong, ffff - exceptional

Some of the most fantastic and fragrant roses do not repeat, but that only makes their blossoming all the more cherished. Bear in mind that the average bloom period for these can be six weeks or more, many times that of other popular shrubs. Each is a unique arrangement of petals, leaves, stems and roots.

Note: Quantities of many varieties are limited and we are often unable to provide all the varieties on your order. Please list alternates on your order form whenever possible.

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All Roses are field grown. Bare root Potted
No. 1½ (2 stem) $20.00 $25.00
No. 1 (3 stem) $25.00 $29.00
3 yr (only in some varieties $35.00 $39.00

  indicates a native plant.

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All roses originated from species roses. This is a selection of species that are extremely hardy and perfect for naturalizing a property or for the collector.

Rosa carolina   
Zone 2 2-3m Eastern North America
A vigorous bush that will cover a large area. Our selection has very healthy and glossy foliage. The blossoms are single, pure pink and occur in early summer. The numerous orange hips are beautiful in their own right. f
Rosa cinnamomea 'plena'
Zone 2 Europe 1.25m
This is a mystery rose, probably originating in France and brought over by early settlers to eastern North America. It can still be found on abandoned farmsteads decades later where it forms dense low thickets with time. The double pink blooms are carnation-like in form and have an intense clove fragrance. Tough as they come. fff (#1½ only)
Rosa glauca (Rosa rubrifolia)
Zone 2 Caucusus Mts. Of Europe 2-3m
Well known for its reddish foliage and purple-red stems. Flowers are single and pink, contrasting beautifully with the foliage. A large shrub that is ideal at the back of a bed or naturalized against a forest edge. Blooms in late spring. f (#1½ only)
Rosa virginiana   
Zone 2 Eastern North America 1.25m
When the early roses are waning, summer wanderers will be drawn to the soft pink blooms that adorn this dense plant. Superb as a waist high spreading ground cover. Its bright red fruits and stems brighten the winter and are a boon to wildlife. Our selections are chosen for mildew resistence. f
Rose Of The Year 2014

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Rosa alba

These are some of the oldest and most sought after roses. Their colours vary from white to pink and most are exceptionally fragrant and hardy.

Zone 4 Europe ancient 2.5m
The hardiest thornless rose we know of. Tall arching shrub with bright green stems. Double blush-pink petals curve inward toward a tight central button. fff
Fantin Latour
Zone 4 unknown origin 1m
This lovely very double rose has the quintessential old rose form and a most heady fragrance. The foliage is deeper green than most. ffff (#1½ only)
Maiden Blush (Cuisse de Nymphe)
Zone 4 France c.1400 2m
An ancient and most treasured rose. The bush grows upright to slightly arching with blue-green healthy foliage. The large very double blooms are blush pink, the scent heady and refined. A rose of romance for over 600 years. ffff (#1½ only)
Mme. Plantier
Zone 4 Plantier 1835 2m
Grass green stems spill outward to form an arching shrub of great charm. Covers itself in fragrant very double blooms. A superb and classic rose. fff
Queen of Denmark (Köenigin von Dänemark)
Zone 3b 1826 1.75m (probably R. rosaalba x Damask hybrid)
One must pay homage to the queen of the old garden roses. Superbly formed quartered deep pink flowers are endowed with the ultimate in fragrance. Very rare on its own roots. ffff

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Rosa Gallica

A superb collection of old European roses that had a great impact on the breeding of modern roses with their spectacular deep colours. This group contains some of the most fragrant of varieties.

Alain Blanchard
Zone 4 France 1839 1m
A low growing bush with dark green foliage and deep purple-red blooms with spots. fff
Cardinal de Richelieu
Zone 4 France Laffay 1840 1m
One of the deepest purples in roses. The richly fragrant blossoms are in clusters on a low upright shrub. This is the variety we use to produce rose petal jam. fff
Charles de Mills
Zone 4 France very old 1.5m
These rich purple and deep red blooms are very large and very double with a charming button centre. The bush is upright to slightly arching. A classic. fff
Henri Martin
Zone 4 Laffay France 1863 1m
Technically this is a Rosa x centifolia muscosa but we have included it with the gallicas. It is a very productive arching shrub with crimson red double blooms and superb scent. This is a moss rose, having fascinating moss-like glandular hairs on the buds. fff
James Mason
Zone 4 Beales UK 1982 1.5m ('Scharlächglut' x 'Tuscany Superba')
New rose whose flowers are slightly more than single, rich velvety red and scented. Fantastic! ff

Zone 4 Kordes Germany 1952 2m ('Poinsettia' x 'Alika')
A spectacular velvety red rose from the Kordes family. Forms a large upright shrub that is breathtaking in bloom. f (#1½ only)

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Rosa pimpinellifolia

These are commonly called Scotch roses. They were very popular in the British isles where hundreds were developed. Only a few remain, but these are tough, hardy, bountiful and fragrant bushes.

Zone 2 Doorenbos Germany .75m
Fascinating low plant with deepest magenta single blooms in late spring and early summer. A most unusual spreading groundcover. f
Double Scotch Pink
Zone 2 UK c.1850 1.4m
Similar in all respects to the 'Double Scotch White' but with delicate cupped light pink blooms. Also very fragrant. fff

Double Scotch White
Zone 2 UK c.1850 1.4m
Cupped double white blooms cover this rounded shrub in early summer. The scent is very strong. The colour is the purest of whites. fff
Harison's Salmon
Zone 3 Harison USA (early 19th century) 2.5m (R. pimpinellifolia hybrid)
A very rare and unusual rose with single+ soft yellow blooms tinted salmon. The bush is tall and upright. A collector's prize. f

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Rosa Rugosa

No other group has had such an impact on northern rose growing. These rugged hardy bushes grow naturally in sand dunes along the ocean, originally in Japan, but now across the globe. Fragrant and dependable. These are among the most disease and insect resistant of roses.

R. rugosa 'alba'
Zone 3 R. rugosa selection 2.5m
A vigourous plant with single white blooms. As plant ages it will repeat more when early roses are waning. Delicacy in good measure. fff
Belle Poitvine
Zone 2 Bruant France 1894 1.5m
Pointed buds open to large double flowers of magenta pink. Repeats till frost. Bush is rounded with deep green foliage. An old and valuable variety. fff
Blanc double de Coubert
Zone 2 Cochet-Cochet France 1892 1.75m (R. rugosa x 'Sombreuil')
Perhaps the most famous of all rugosas, this rose is renowned for its purity of colour, heady fragrance and rugged constitution. Passing this bush on a still summer day is an experience never to be forgotten. Our most popular rose. ffff
Zone 2 Agriculture Canada 1923 4m (R. glauca x R. rugosa) This is the giant among hardy roses, forming an immense bush with tree-like trunks. In bloom it is simply breathtaking. The single pink blooms contrast with the reddish foliage and there is so much of it! Needs lots of room. f

Dart Dash
Zone 2 unknown 1.5m (R. rugosa hybrid)
Our favorite for hedging. The plant is dense, rounded and deep green with shapely double mauve blooms all season. The hips are immense, very showy and edible. fff
Zone 2 Cooling USA 1898 1.75m(R. rugosa hybrid)
A healthy medium sized shrub that produces blowsy medium pink semi-double blooms repeatedly. One of the most charming pink rugosas. ff
Frü Dagmar Hastrup
Zone 2 Denmark Hastrup 1914 1.25m (R. rugosa selection)
A remarkable bush, wider than tall, with fragrant single silvery pink blooms all season. In fall the bush turns coppery orange. Large orange hips in fall. fff
Grootendorst Supreme
Zone 3 2.25m (sport of 'F..J. Grootendorst')
This is a deep red version of the original. It is more vigorous with deeper green glossy foliage. Blooms non-stop. Outstanding plant. f
Zone 2 Schaum and Van Tol Holland 1905 2.25m (R. rugosa hybrid)
A very famous and tough rose that has been planted for a century. The fragrant double blooms are red-purple. The bush is vigorous and large. Red hips. fff
Zone 3 Kordes, Germany 1.25m (R. rugosa hybrid)
A fabulous new rugosa with cherry red blooms on a medium sized plant with glossy foliage. We think this is one of the best red rugosas. Very hardy repeat bloomer. f
Rose Of The Year 2010
Linda Campbell
Zone 3 Moore USA 1990 1.25m (R. rugosa hybrid)
Pure red double flowers in clusters so large a single stem is a bouquet. Stems are velvety reddish-green. An outstanding new red rugosa. f
Zone 3 Van Fleet USA 1905 1.5m (R. rugosa hybrid)
A perfect hedging plant with deep mauve blooms that are very shapely in bud. The health and vigor of the plant is superb. Magnificent! fff
Marie Bugnet
Zone 2 Bugnet Canada 1963 .8m ('Therese Bugnet' x unnamed seedling)
A diminutive plant with punch! Red streaked buds open to pure white. A great small plant with fragrance, purity of colour and long season. fff (#1½ only)
Max Graf
Zone 3 Bowditch USA 1919 .75m (R. rugosa x R. wichuraiana)
A trailing rose with long stems and glossy green foliage. Single pink blooms occur in early summer. A great rose for covering banks. f
Möje Hammarberg
Zone 3 Hammarberg Germany 1931 1.5m (R. rugosa hybrid)
A dense contained shrub excellent for hedging. Deep mauve blooms keep coming till frost. A superb rugosa selection. fff
Zone 2 Nyvelt Holland 1955 1.75m (R. rugosa rubra x R. majalis) x R. nitida
Very large pure white single blooms on a vigorous dense bush. A magnificent sight in bloom, which it does till frost. Lovely red hips adorn the plant in fall. fff

Parfum de L'Hay
Zone 3-4 Gravereaux France 1901 1m (R. damascena x 'Général Jacqueminot') x R. rugosa This is one of the quintessential fragrant roses. Its large round reddish purple blooms are found on a bush with olive-green foliage. Repeats. ffff

Pierette Pavement
Zone 3 Uhl Germany 1987 1.5m (R. rugosa hybrid)
A dense plant growing to 1.5m with purest pink blossoms. This plant is ideal to cover banks or as a hedge. Excellent where salt is used. fff
Pink Grootendorst
Zone 3 Grootendorst Holland 1923 2.5m (sport of 'F..J. Grootendorst')
Very similar to the original plant but this one bears flesh pink fringed blossoms. Often reverts to the original red color, giving flowers of both colours on the same stem. f
Pink Pavement
Zone 3 Uhl Germany 1.5m (R. rugosa hybrid)
Similar to 'Pierette Pavement' in nearly every respect although the newly forming buds are somewhat more pointed. An excellent hedging plant. Repeats till frost. fff
Zone 2 unknown 1.5m (R. rugosa hybrid)
Our rose pick of 2008, this rounded bush produces white flowers infused with soft pink, somewhat like a strawberry ice with the juice sucked out. A beauty! Repeats. fff
Rose Of The Year 2008
Pristine Pavement
Zone 3 Uhl Germany 1.5m (R. rugosa hybrid)
Shapely pure double white blooms on a compact healthy bush that is perfect for hedges or covering banks. Blooms till frost. fff
Purple Pavement (Rotesmeer)
Zone 3 Baum Germany 1986 1.75m (R. rugosa hybrid)
One of the darkest of the mauve rugosas, tending toward violet. Great for banks as it spreads rapidly. Semi-double blooms repeat till frost. One of our most popular. fff
Repens alba (Rosa paullii)
Zone 2 Paul USA 1903 3m spread
A prostrate snaking plant with very large star-like single white blossoms. Can be used as a rambler if tied. ff
Zone 4 Kordes Germany 1979 2m (R. rugosa x seedling)
The name says it all! Very robust upright plant with dark shiny foliage and large, bright scarlet red single blossoms. Repeats till frost. Become a convert to singles. f
Roseraie de L'Hay
Zone 2 Cochet-Cochet France 1901 2.75m (sport of unknown hybrid of R. rugosa)
A large healthy shrub that produces double shapely blooms of deepest mauve. You will fall in love with this gorgeous flower. fff
Sarah Van Fleet
Zone 4 Van Fleet USA 1926 1.5m (R. rugosa x 'My Maryland'
Gorgeous silvery pink semi-double blooms on a vigorous plant with medium green foliage. Blossoms till frost. fff
Zone 2 Harkness UK 1960 2.5m (Seedling of R. rugosa?)
A great hedging plant, this large upright rounded plant has silvery cerise single blossoms that occur all season. Lovely fragrance. fff
Snow Pavement (Schneeköppe)
Zone 3 Baum Germany 1986 1.5m (R. rugosa hybrid)
A dense rounded plant with unique double white flowers infused with lavender. One of the finest hedging plants or a great specimen. Repeats till frost. Outstanding. fff
Souvenir de Philemon Cochet Zone 2 Cochet-Cochet France 1899 1.75m (sport of 'Blanc double de Coubert ') Identical in habit to its parent with the exception of its immense very double blooms. Still with the pure white colour and intoxicating fragrance. ffff
Thérèse Bugnet
Zone 2 Bugnet Canada 1950 2.5m (R. acicularis x R. x kamtchatica) x (R.amblyotis x R. rugosa plena) x 'Betty Bland'
One of the hardiest roses in existence. Raised in Canada for -50 degree winters. Soft pink double blooms are fragrant and recurrent. Bush is tall and arching. fff
Zone 3 Unknown 1.5m (R. rugosa hybrid)
A bush everyone should know. The foliage is deep green and glossy. The perfumed flowers are silky, silvery pink beauties that are superbly formed. Repeats till frost. ff
Zone 2 Skinner Canada 1939 2.5m (R. rugosa x R. acicularis) x 'Gruss an Teplitz')
A rose that has been waiting in the wings for its time. The fragrant double lavender-rose flowers are on a very vigorous rounded shrub. The colour is unique. fff
White Grootendorst
Zone 3 Eddy USA 1962 1.5m (sport of 'Pink Grootendorst')
Another colour variation in the Grootendorst group. This one is pure white with lighter green foliage on a lower bush. Sometimes will show pink on some blooms. f
White Pavement
Zone 2 Baum Germany 1986? 1.5m (R. rugosa hybrid)
A pure white double blossom and a dense compact bush that makes a great hedging plant or specimen. Superb fragrance and good repeat blooming. fff

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Canadian Artist Series

These are the latest introductions from the breeding programs at Agriculture Canada.

Zone 3b Agriculture Canada 2012 1m (complex parentage)
One of the most exciting hardy roses every introduced. Yellow semi-double blossoms are edged in red and gradually turn to deepest pink. The effect is a multi-coloured harlequin of a shrub. Perhaps the most disease resistant rose on the market. Blooms continuously. f
Rose Of The Year 2013
Emily Carr
Zone 3 Agriculture Canada 2007 1.25m (complex parentage)
A well contained shrub with healthy tea-like leaves that blush red but are outdone by waves of large semi-double flowers of the most intense red. The opening buds remind one of deep red tulips, treasures for bouquets for those thrilled by red. f
Rose Of The Year 2011
Felix LeClerc
Zone 3 Svejda Agriculture Canada 2007 4-5m (L25(R. kordesii x seedling D07) x D25('Red Dawn' x 'Suzanne')
A super hardy climber with deep fuschia pink blooms all season. Extremely disease resistant. Superb new introduction. f.
(# 1½ only)
Rose Of The Year 2009

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Explorer Roses

This marvelous group of roses was bred by Agriculture Canada to provide hardy repeat blooming roses. It has transformed the world of northern roses.

Alexander Mackenzie
Zone 4 Svejda Agriculture Canada 1985 2.5m ('Queen Elizabeth' x ('Red Dawn' x 'Suzanne o.p.')) An upright plant that can be used as a climber. The double soft red blooms are well structured and rounded with a delicious raspberry fragrance that, inexplicably, about 1/3 of the people cannot smell. ff
Captain Samuel Holland
Zone 3b Svejda Agriculture Canada 1990 2m
Lovely clusters of dainty, well-shaped, double fuschia blooms on a lax plant that makes a good low climber. Disease resistant. Repeats. f
Zone 4 Svejda Agriculture Canada 1982 1m (R. kordesii hybrid)
This amazing low plant blooms continuously, a rare feat among roses. The foliage is very healthy and tinted red. The blooms are deep unfading red and semi-double. Can be grown in areas colder than Zone 4, as it will spring back from the crown. f
Charles Albanel
Zone 2 Svjeda Agriculture Canada 1982 1.25m (R. rugosa hybrid)
A low spreading plant suitable for banks or low hedges. The pink-mauve blooms are double, fragrant and recur throughout the season. Very healthy. fff
David Thompson
Zone 3 Svejda Agriculture Canada 1979 2m (R. rugosa hybrid)
A dense and rounded plant with mauve-red blooms that occur repeatedly till frost. Makes a great fragrant hedge. fff
Henry Hudson
Zone 2 Svjeda Agriculture Canada 1976 1.25m ('Schneezwerg' seedling)
Semi-double bright white blooms on a dense low plant. The fragrant flowers bloom all season. Very healthy foliage. fff
Henry Kelsey
Zone 4 Svejda Agriculture Canada 1976 2.5m (R. kordesii hybrid) A vigorous rambler type that can be used as a climber. Foliage is lustrous and deep green. The blooms are semi-double and deep red with a prominent golden center. Has a delicate fruity fragrance. Blooms all season. ff
John Cabot
Zone 3-4 Svejda Agriculture Canada 1978 2.5m (R. kordesii hybrid)
An arching pillar rose that can be used as a climber. The foliage is healthy and the delicately fragrant double flowers are soft red fading to deep orchid pink. Reblooms. f (#1½ only)
John Davis
Zone 3 Svejda Agriculture Canada 1986 1.5m (R. kordesii x ('Red Dawn' x 'Suzanne o.p.')
A prolific bloomer with shapely pure pink blossoms on a hardy healthy shrub. Does not sucker making it a nice rose for the bed. Reblooms well. f
Marie Victoran
Zone 3b Svejda Agriculture Canada 1998 1.5m (complex parentage)
A tough healthy plant. Silvery pink petals with a yellow reverse, a stunning combination when opening. A treasure. ff
Zone 3 Agriculture Canada 1996 1.5m (complex parentage)
Clusters of bright scarlet red semi-double blooms cover this plant. The leaves are deep green and healthy and the flowers return for another show in late summer. f (#1½ only)
Zone 3b Svejda Canada 1994 2m+ – An upright to arching plant with deepest red very double blooms, reminiscent of a gallica rose. Blooms till frost. Can be used as a climber. f
William Baffin Zone 2 Svejda Agriculture Canada 3m (R. kordesii hybrid)
An extremely hardy and healthy large shrub that can be used as a climber. Its semi-double flowers are deep strawberry pink with a light fruity fragrance. One of the toughest of the Explorer Series. f

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Assorted Hybrids

This is a varied mix of roses originating from around the world. Most bloom throughout the season. We have chosen varieties that are hardy and healthy.

Zone 4b Kordes Germany .75m (unknown parentage)
A low spreading plant used as a ground cover. Scarlet red flowers bloom continuously. Glossy foliage. f
Carefree Beauty
Zone 4 Buck USA 1997 1.75m (seedling x 'Prairie Princess')
A dependable repeat bloomer. Tea-like blooms with an 'expensive' perfume. Scented, healthy foliage. Always a favourite. fff

Zone 4b Kordes Germany 1954 (R. eglanteria hybrid)
Fragrant semi-double ochre-yellow blooms in clusters. Glossy foliage. ff.
Lucy Irene
Zone 2 Nicholson Canada 3m (color sport of William Baffin
This soft pink semi-double rose was discovered by Jim Nicholson as a shoot coming from the roots of his 'William Baffin' It is propagated solely by Corn Hill Nursery. It is a marvelous addition to the stable of super hardy climbing roses as the color is easier to work with in the landscape than the original. ff
Rose Of The Year 2012
Morden Snow Beauty
Zone 3 Agriculture Canada 1998 1m (complex parentage)
A low non-suckering plant that is quite disease resistant. Flowers are slightly more than single and pure white with a golden center. A delicate and charming beauty. ff
Polestar (Polstjärnan)
Zone 2 Wasast-Järnan Finland 1937 5m (R. beggeriana hybrid)
Rambler like in habit, this can be used as a very tall climber. The red stems are bone hardy with clusters of small semi-double white blooms in early summer. f
Prairie Celebration
Zone 3 Agriculture Canada 2003 2m (complex parentage)
A tough new rose with exceptional blooming and healthy foliage. Large bush has single bright red flowers in profusion.. f
Prairie Joy
Zone 3b Agriculture Canada 1990 1m ('Prairie Princess' x 'Morden Cardinette')
A low non-suckering shrub with well formed delicate pink blooms that recur till frost. A perfect candidate for the front of a planting bed. f
Ramblin Red
Zone 4 Radler USA 2.5m ('Henry Kelsey' seedling)
A new rose with gorgeously structured deep red double blooms. This vigorous plant is healthy and can be tied up as a climber. New foliage is infused with red. Lovely! f
Rose Of The Year 2015
Zone 3b Kordes Germany 1936 1m ('Daisy Hill' x 'Solarium')
Very unusual globular flower of purest pink that comes in clusters and has a unique 'peppery' scent without the sneeze. Starts blooming late in the season. Fascinating! ff

Other Roses

This is a list of more roses that we grow at the nursery.
We may only have them potted or they may be in short supply.

Aïcha (R. )
Apothecary (R. gallica 'officinalis')
Ancient rose, a semi-double form of Rosa gallica, crimson flowers are heavily scented.
alba Maxima (White Rose of York)
Zone 4 Europe c.1400 1.5m
Pure white double blooms on an upright and spreading shrub. fff
Zone 4 Vibert, France, 1817 (R.rosaalba hybrid)
Very double blooms of pure white in clusters. Summer bloomer. (FR-5)
alba Semi-Plena (R. x alba suaveolens)
Zone 4 Europe c.1500 2.5m
A tall shrub with sweetly scented semi-double blossoms with golden centres. Fantastic hardy plant that can be used as a specimen or at the back of a bed. ff
Belle Amour
Zone 4 Europe original date uknown 150cm
Discovered growing on a convent wall in Normandy and introduced in 1950. Cupped, opening to a semi-double pink flower of incomparable fragrance. Myrrh scented. ffff
Belle de Crecy
Zone 4 France c.1850 1m
Fascinating mix of pinks, greys and mauves. A very double highly scented flower on a low bush. Stems have very few thorns. fff
Belle Isis
Zone 4 Belgium Parmentier 1845 1m
A small upright growing plant with superbly perfumed very double flowers of the most delicate shade of pink. A treasure. fff
Celestial (Celeste)
Zone 4 Europe ancient 1m
The most subtle shades of pink highlight this delicate semi-double rose. A low contained shrub with a celestial fragrance. fff
Dr. Merkeley
Zone 2 Skinner Canada 1924 1.75m (unknown parentage)
A dense round shrub that begins blooming late in the season with very double and fragrant deep pink flowers. A mystery rose brought by a Dr. Merkeley to Canada from Russia and introduced to cultivation by Skinner. Deserves more recognition. fff
F.J. Grootendorst
Zone 3 Skinner Canada 1908 2.25m R. rugosa x 'Mme. Norbert Lavavasseur')
Like 'Fimbriata' this variety has fringed petals like a carnation. The soft red flowers bloom continuously till frost on an upright arching plant. f
Zone 2 Morlet France 1891 1.25m (R. rugosa x Mme. Alfred Carriere)
Fascinating small double flowers are frilled like a carnation or dianthus. The bush likewise is small in stature. Blooms all season and has a delicate fragrance. f
Zone 3 Kordes Germany 1937 2.5m ('Joanna Hill' x R. pimpinellifolia hybrid)
A modern Scotch hybrid from Kordes that is stunning. The almost single yellow blossoms adorn a tall arching shrub that is hardy. Very rare on its own roots. f
George Vancouver
Zone 3b Svejda Agriculture Canada (L83 x ((R. kordesii x D07) x 'Champlain')))
Vermilion red semi-double flowers of attractive form. Hardy, productive plant. f
A lacquer red single selection of Rosa moyessi. Tall arching bush blooms in spring.
Harison's Yellow
Zone 3 Harison USA c.1830 2.5m (R. foetida 'persiana' x R. pimpinellifolia)
The most famous and adored hardy yellow rose. The semi-double sulfur yellow flowers cover the upright arching plant in late spring. Stunning. ff
Note: This rose is nearly impossible to root. Plants are budded onto a rootstock. We suggest burying the bud union 15cm to discourage suckering from the rootstock.
Jens Munk
Zone 2 Svejda Agriculture Canada 1974 2.5m ('Schneezwerg' x 'F.D. Hastrup')
Here is the perfect impenetrable hedge plant. Semi-double pure pink blooms repeat and have an incredible show in fall. Hardy, productive and beautiful. fff
J. P. Connell
Zone 4 Svejda Agriculture Canada 1987 1.25m ('Arthur Bell' x o.p. seedling of 'Von Scharnhorst')
A non-suckering upright narrow plant with butter yellow blooms that fade to ivory. Superbly formed and repeating till frost. Productivity increases with age. The flowers are deliciously fragrant. fff
Zone 2 Wallace Canada 1973 1.75m (o.p.R. pimpinellifolia)
An extremely hardy rounded shrub developed in Beaverlodge, Alberta. The double ivory white blooms are heavily scented and cover the plant in early summer. fff
Lambert Closse
Zone 4 - Sevjda, Ottawa, Canada 1976 ('Arthur Bell' x 'John Davis')
A small shrub with glossy foliage and medium pink, tea-like blooms. (FR-2) COPF
Lillian Gibson
A semi-double soft pink that can grow to great height, repeats.
Louis Jolliet
Zone 3-4 - Svejda, Ottawa, Canada, 1990 (complex parentage)
A double pink bloom. Very prolific and hardy plant. Repeats well. (FR-3) COPF
Zone 2 Harp Canada 1967 1.5m (R. nitida x 'Therese Bugnet')
A relatively unknown beauty with shapely semi-double pink blooms and fine glossy delicate foliage. Excellent burgundy foliage in fall. Blooms till late summer. ff
Zone 3-4 France c.1850? 1.25m
Still found on farmsteads after a century, this blush pink beauty is deliciously scented. fff

Morden Centennial
Double pink blooms, good repeat.
Morden Ruby
Zone 3 - Marshall, Canada, 1977 (('Fire King' x ('J.W. Fargo' x 'Assiniboine')))
Low shrub with ruby red blooms, usually spotted with deeper red. (FR-1)
Mrs. John McNab
Zone 2 - Skinner, Canada 1942 (complex parentage)
This rose was nearly lost but is now regaining its reputation. Spreading shrub is healthy with softest pink, semi-double blossoms. Repeats lightly till frost. (FR-3)
Palmengarten Frankfort
Clusters of small deep pink blooms in early summer. Very healthy and shiny foliage on an arching plant.
Pink Robusta
Single pink flower on an upright plant. Repeats.
Pure white double rose on a compact healthy shrub. Repeats.
Sunrise Sunset
Cerise blooms with yellow bases giving a lovely bi-colour look. Plant is compact and repeats well.
Stanwell Perpetual
Zone 3 Lee UK 1838 1.5m
An exquisite delicate pink double flower of charming form that repeats till frost. The bush form is rounded with thin branches. Very rare plant on its own roots. fff
Simon Fraser
Zone 3 Svejda/Ogilvie Agriculture Canada 1992 1.25m (complex parentage)
Enticing coral pink semi-double to single blooms on a smallish shrub. Excellent repeat. f

A double pink on a vigorous upright plant with some repeat.
The Fairy
Zone 4b Bentall England 1932 1m ('Paul Crampel' x 'Lady Gay')
Delightful small double pink flowers in clusters. Spreading, low plant is a continuous bloomer. f
Tuscany Superba
Zone 4 Paul UK 1848 1m
The original 'Tuscany' is a very ancient plant, perhaps earlier than 1500. This later form is a deep rich velvety purple double bloom that is superbly scented and borne on a low bush with rich green foliage. fff
William Booth
Zone 2 Svejda Agriculture Canada 3m (R. kordesii hybrid)
An Explorer rose with tremendous vigor and superior disease resistance. Can be used as a climber or a large spreading shrub. Red single blooms turn deepest pink and have a white eye, similar to the old 'American Pillar' but much hardier and continuous blooming. f
William's Double
William Lobb
Zone 4 - An older gallica rose that is double, purple and fragrant. The bush is upright and vigorous. ffff
York and Lancaster
A very old pink and white striped rose

Rose Table, 2009
This "Rose Table" in the retail area
gives a quick view of what
varieties of roses are blooming each day.
Friday, June 29, 2001 they were at their prime
132 varieties were blooming at the nursery!

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