Corn Hill Nursery
New Brunswick, Canada  -  1 506 756-3635

Week of Feb. 22, 2013

The Valley
Snow is covering the valley

Entry to Retail area
It is piled high in the retail area

Cafe Door
and the Cedar Café doors are blocked

Events sign
Not many events are happening

Snow Plow
except snow plowing

Bob at computer
Looking at plants for spring

Boxes ready to pack
and getting things ready for spring shipments.

Arbor before
There is always pruning to do

Arbor Pruning
like the arbor by the Cedar Café

Arbor after
It will grow back!

Snow on bows
Yes snow blankets everything

but there is still colour

in many of the ornamental shrubs.

The 2013 retail catalog is on-line. Place your orders now for spring shipment.

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