We often speak of these as the 'anchors' in the landscape. They give the garden solidity and color throughout the year. They can act as the background on which the flowering plants are displayed or they can stand out as specimens in their own right.Malonyana Cedar

In order to keep your plants looking their best we recommend combing out the dead needles and pruning any broken branches or winter killed areas each spring. Winter burning of needles usually occurs when evergreens do not receive enough water, particularly just before freezeup. A major cause of this problem is planting under eaves of a house or in very dry soil without using mulches. Water new plants throughout the first year. Any pruning should be done by cutting back new growth in early summer. Most varieties will show off their best form with very little pruning.

All conifers are potted and must be picked up at the nursery unless suitable shipping arrangements have been made.



The perfect architecture of Malonyana Cedars


SILVER FIR (Abies concolor)

Zone 4/ 14m

Striking blue-green needles on a pyramidal tree.

100cm $85, 125cm $145, 150cm $210

BUFFALO (Juniperus sabina 'Buffalo')

Zone 2/2m spread/ 30cm height
Mint green very low spreader. Superb variety. Excellent disease resistance.
30cm $29

CALGARY CARPET (Juniperus Sabina 'Calgary Carpet')

Zone 2/1.25m spread/20cm heigh

Very low with fresh green delicate fern-like foliage.
20cm $29

NATIVE LARCH (Larix laricina)

Zone 2/20m

A tall conifer that loses its needles in winter after a spectacular

bright yellow fall show.Soft lime green summer foliage. 75cm $30, 100cm $45,

125cm $60, 150cm $85, 175cm $110, 200cm $190, 250cm $260 

DAWN REDWOOD (Metasequoia glyptostroboides)

Zone 4/15m

Ancient tree rediscovered in China. A conifer that loses its  needles

in fall. Strong leader. SOLD OUT 2021.

RUSSIAN CYPRESS (Microbiota decussata)

Zone 1/3m spread 40cm height

Unique plant of unequalled hardiness. Resistant to

disease and insects. Vigorous spreader with soft green foliage that turns coppery

in winter. Substitute for juniper. 30cm $29, 50cm $39

NORWAY SPRUCE (Picea abies)

Zone 3/20m

Dark green and well-shaped with branches sweeping gracefully downward as it matures.

Excellent hedging.

Same prices as White Spruce, available  100cm, 125cm, 150cm , 175cm and 200cm!

WHITE SPRUCE (Picea glauca)

Zone 2/20m

A native tree that is super hardy and wind resistant. Often used for windbreaks.

Very adaptable and resilient tree. 50cm $35, 75cm $60, 100cm $85, 125cm $145,

150cm $210 175cm $290, 200cm $320, 225 cm $350, 250cm $470

BLACK SPRUCE (Picea mariana)

Zone 2/20m

A narrow conical native tree usually found in damp soils.

Useful for sites where drainage is poor. (Same prices as white spruce)

SERBIAN SPRUCE (Picea omorika)

Zone 4/18m

Narrow tree with deep green needles that sport white undersides.

50cm $35, 75cm $60, 100cm $85

COLORADO SPRUCE (Picea pungens)

Zone 2/20m

Popular conifer whose needles can range from green through blue-green to good

blue depending on the seedling. (Same prices as white spruce. Add 15% for select blue seedlings)

RED SPRUCE (Picea rubens)

Zone 2/30m

Famous timber tree. Straight tall tree with flaking bark. Prefers cool, moist soils.

175cm $290, 200cm $320

BRISTLECONE PINE (Pinus aristata)

Zone 2/2-3m

Slow growing pine with bottlebrush branches. The oldest living trees on Earth.


AUSTRIAN PINE (Pinus nigra)

Zone 3/15m+

Large dense pine that is salt tolerant.

50cm $35, 75cm $60, 100cm $85, 125cm $145, 150cm $210

DWARF MUGO PINE (Pinus mugo pumilio)

Zone 1/3-5m

We grow the dwarfer strains of mugo pine though seedlings vary tremendously  in vigor

and length of needles. This dense rounded tree is deepest green and impervious to winter.
30cm $30, 40cm $40, 50cm $65

DeGROOT SPIRE CEDAR (Thuja occidentalis 'DeGroot Spire')

Zone 3/4m

The narrowest of the pyramidal cedars. Slow growing with twisted foliage. 50cm $20,

100cm $45

GOLDEN GLOBE CEDAR (Thuja occidentalis 'Golden Globe')

Zone 3/3m

A perfectly round dwarf cedar with golden foliage, especially in fall. 30cm $20

MALONYANA CEDAR (Thuja occidentalis 'Malonyana')

Zone 3/10m

Forms a near perfect narrow tall column. Outstanding selection from the Czech Republic.
50cm $20, 75cm $30, 100cm $45, 125cm $60, 150cm $85, 200cm $190, 250cm $260 

NIGRA CEDAR (Thuja occidentalis 'Nigra')

Zone 3/10m

Very popular as a hedging cedar. Grown for its vigor, density

and dark green winter color. 50cm $20, 75cm $30, 100cm $45, 125cm $60,

175cm $110,  200cm $190, 250cm $260, 300cm $325 

EMERALD CEDAR (Thuja occidentalis 'smaragd')

Zone 2/5m

A selection of our native cedar with bright green foliage and a dense

pyramidal form with characteristic pointed tip. 50cm $20, 75cm $30, 100cm $45,

125cm $60, 175cm $110,  200cm $190, 250cm $260, 300cm $325 

SUNKIST (Thuja occidentalis 'Sunkist')

Zone 3/8m

Forms a bright yellow conical tree. The best yellow we have seen.
50cm $25, 75cm $35, 100cm $55 

WOODWARDI GLOBE CEDAR (Thuja occidentalis 'Woodwardi')

Zone 3/3m

Near perfect round dwarf tree. Needs no pruning to keep its form.
30cm $20 

HEMLOCK (Tsuga canadensis)

Zone 3/30m

A large tree with deepest green needles. Superb speciman or hedge plant.

75cm $60, 100cm $85 

Rare, Unusual and Dwarf Conifers

DWARF BALSAM FIR (Abies balsamea 'Nana')

Zone 3b/1m

A very dwarf flat rounded plant with deepest green foliage.

Superb specimen. 20cm $35, 30cm $65.

HORSTMANN SILBERLOCKE (Abies koreana 'Horstmann's Silberlocke')

Zone 3b/10m

The Korean fir has white stripes on the undersides of its needles. In this selection

the needles curve upward, exposing only the undersides. The result is a silvery tree.

Still quite rare. Simply stunning! Please contact for availability

DWARF GOLDEN FALSE CYPRESS (Chamaecyparis filifera 'Nana Aurea')

Zone 3b/2.5m
Attractive mounding plant with pendulous spaghetti-like foliage with golden highlights.
30cm $40

Japanese Garden Juniper (Juniperus procumbens nana)

Zone 4/2m spread/ 30cm height

Green juniper that has purple tints in winter. A wonderful ground cover

30cm $29, 50cm $39

ARCADIA JUNIPER (Juniperus sabina 'Arcadia')

Zone 4/2m spread/ 30cm height

Spreading plant that requires full sun, often used in rock gardens as a ground cover.

Wonderful foliage!

30cm $29

BLUE STAR JUNIPER (Juniperus squamata 'Blue Star')

Zone 4/80cm
Dwarf, slow growing mound with steel blue foliage. Breathtaking!
20cm $29

WEEPING LARCH (Larix deciduas 'Pendula')

Zone 2/variable

A truly prostrate form that can be trained upward or let to flow as in the photo.

125cm $60, 150cm $85

DIANA LARCH (Larix kaempferi 'Diane')

Zone 3/3m

Semi-dwarf form of Japanese larch with contorted branching. Very choice!
50cm $20

VARIED DIRECTIONS LARCH (Larix x eurolepis 'Varied Directions')

Zone 3/variable height
Very unusual tree whose terminal takes off in various directions with branches

that hang pendulously. Unbelievable specimen tree.75cm $30, 100cm $45, 150cm $85

INSPIRED LARCH (Larix laricina 'Inspired')

Zone 2/10m?
A narrow columnar form found in the Moncton area. Bright yellow fall foliage.

A Corn Hill introduction. 100cm $45, 125cm $60 

DWARF LARCH (Larix laricina 'Journeay')

Zone 2/1m
Rounded shrub discovered by Bill Journeay. 40cm $60.

MEMRAMCOOK LARCH (Larix laricina 'Memramcook')

Zone 2/4m

Very dense semi-dwarf with brilliant yellow fall colour.

A Corn Hill Introduction. 50cm $45, 75cm $60

Cliff Green (Paxistima canbyi)

Zone 4/1m spread/ 30cm height

A slow growing evergreen ground cover. Foliage will bronze in winter.

30cm $29

CUPRESSINA SPRUCE (Picea abies 'Cupressina')

Zone 2/10m
A tall narrow selection, very architectural. 50cm $85

FROHBURG WEEPING SPRUCE (Picea abies 'Frohburg')

Zone 2/ VH, 15m spread
A pendulous to prostrate spruce that forms a wide spreading tree.

Ours at the nursery is simply stunning! 50cm $85

INVERSA WEEPING SPRUCE (Picea abies 'Inversa')

Zone 2/variable height and width
A prostrate plant that can be staked to desired height. Appears to flow across

the ground. 50cm $85, 75cm $125

NEST SPRUCE (Picea abies 'Nidiformis')

Zone 2/2m
Very popular spreading plant with a depressed center. Very dense with tiny needles.
30cm $35, 50cm $55

OHLENDORFF SPRUCE (Picea abies 'Ohlendorffii')

Zone 2/4m
A dense conical small tree that does not need pruning. 50cm $85

REMONTI SPRUCE (Picea abies 'Remonti')

Zone 2/3m

The most perfectly shaped conical tree. Very dense and needs no pruning.
30cm $60

TABLETOP SPRUCE (Pacea abies 'Tabuliformis')

Zone 3/5m

Spreading layered gem. 50cm $85

SNAKE SPRUCE (Picea abies 'Virgata')

Zone 3/30m
A rare form that is vigorous and open with snake-like branching. Very unusual.
75cm $95

CRAIG SPRUCE (Picea mariana 'Craig')

Zone 2/1.5m
Perfect tight branching on a dwarf, narrow plant with a rounded top. Marvelous new selection
30cm $65

SANDER'S BLUE ALBERTA SPRUCE (Picea glauca 'Sander's Blue')

Zone 3b/2m
Similar in all respects to the Dwarf Alberta but in a blue color.
30cm $29, 40cm $39

DWARF ALBERTA SPRUCE (Picea glauca albertiana 'Conica')

Zone 3b/2m
Very popular dense dwarf that forms a perfect conical tree with delicate needles.

Very hardy but keep out of drying winter winds. 30cm $29, 40cm $39

DAVE VEINOT SPRUCE (Picea glauca 'Dave Veinot')

Zone 2/2-3m
A marvelous selection by Dave Veinot of Nova Scotia.

Very compact with perfect conical form. Very rare.

30cm $35, 50cm $85, 75cm $125 

WEEPING WHITE SPRUCE (Picea glauca 'Pendula')

Zone 2/5m

A fantastic upright tree with pendulous branches. A great specimen.

50cm $60, 75cm $85 

SHAWNA DWARF SPRUCE (Picea glauca 'Pendula')

Zone 2/2m?

Exciting new introduction from Bill Journeay.

Very tight pyramidal from with small needles.

30cm $65, 40cm $85 

BABY BLUE EYES (Picea pungens)

Zone 3/5-6m

A smaller version of a 'Colorado blue spruce', limited quantities available