Rose TableRoses grow in nearly every part of the world. The roses we have collected and chosen for propagation will withstand temperatures of -30c or colder and survive to flower and grow the following year. This eliminates a large percentage of the species and cultivated varieties. What remains, however, is a vast array of colors, textures, forms and fruits. Roses that have been relegated to near oblivion, because they do not resemble a greenhouse rose or hybrid tea, can be exciting elements in a garden. Scents that gave the rose its reputation will now permeate your garden on a still summer night. Prepare to discover treasures that will enhance any garden. Unlike many cultivated roses, the roses we offer can be grown without chemicals or sometimes even attention, many being long lived landscape shrubs. 


Variety of RosesWe use no pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers in the production of our roses. Fields are hand and machine cultivated. Soil fertility is provided by additions of compost, crab meal and mulch. The roses you receive have been rooted in sand, stored in a walk in freezer, planted in the field for one to two years, harvested, graded and packed to end up in your mailbox, the real one that is. Under each variety name are listed: Hardiness zone * Breeder * Country of origin * Date of introduction * Height * Parentage Fragrance: f - little or none, ff - mild, fff - strong, ffff - exceptional Some of the most fantastic and fragrant roses do not repeat, but that only makes their blossoming all the more cherished. Bear in mind that the average bloom period for these can be six weeks or more, many times that of other popular shrubs. Each is a unique arrangement of petals, leaves, stems and roots.

   Rose of the year 2017: Canadian Shield


Note: Quantities of many varieties are limited and we are often unable to provide all the varieties on your order. Please list alternates on your order form whenever possible.

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All Roses are field grown.

Bare root


No. 1½ (2 stem)



No. 1 (3 stem)



3 yr (only in some varieties)



  indicates a native plant.


All roses originated from species roses. This is a selection of species that are extremely hardy and perfect for naturalizing a property or for the collector.


   Rosa Carolina               Rosa Cinnamomea             Rosa Glauca                     Rosa Virginiana

Rosa alba

These are some of the oldest and most sought after roses. Their colours vary from white to pink and most are exceptionally fragrant and hardy.


           Armide                         Belle Amour                        Chloris                              Fantin Latour                              Maiden Blush


                    Mme. Plantier                              Queen of Denmark

Rosa Gallica

A superb collection of old European roses that had a great impact on the breeding of modern roses with their spectacular deep colours. This group contains some of the most fragrant of varieties.

                                                                             Belle de Crecy                         Cardinal de Richelieu                              Charles de Mills                                     Henri Martin                              James Mason


             Alain Blanchard                            Scharlächglut

Rosa pimpinellifolia

These are commonly called Scotch roses. They were very popular in the British isles where hundreds were developed. Only a few remain, but these are tough, hardy, bountiful and fragrant bushes.


                 Doorenbos                             Double Scotch Pink                Double Scotch White                    Harison's Salmon                             Karl Forster  

Rosa Rugosa

No other group has had such an impact on northern rose growing. These rugged hardy bushes grow naturally in sand dunes along the ocean, originally in Japan, but now across the globe. Fragrant and dependable. These are among the most disease and insect resistant of roses.


                      Alba                              Belle Poitvine                 Blanc double de Coubert              Carmenetta               Dart Dash                           Delicata


    F.J. Grootendorst         Frü Dagmar Hastrup         Grootendorst Supreme                          Hansa                                     Hansaland                      Linda Campbell


               Magnifica                                   Marie Bugnet                                   Max Graf                              Möje Hammarberg                                 Nyvelt                 


        Parfum de L'Hay                         Pierette Pavement                  Pink Grootendorst                            Pink Pavement                                            Polareis


             Pristine Pavement                     Purple Pavement                     Repens alba (Rosa paullii)                      Robusta                                     Roseraie de L'Hay


       Sarah Van Fleet                     Scabrosa                             Sir Thomas Lipton                      Snow Pavement         Souvenir de Philemon Cochet    Thérèse Bugnet


                   Turbo                                Wasagaming                       White Grootendorst                 White Pavement     

Canadian Artist Series

These are the latest introductions from the breeding programs at Agriculture Canada.


                   Campfire                                  Emily Carr                              Felix LeClerc                   Oscar Peterson

49th Parallel Series

This is a brand new series of roses to be introduced from Canada, more will soon be released

Canadian Shield Rose of the Year 2017


Explorer Roses

This marvelous group of roses was bred by Agriculture Canada to provide hardy repeat blooming roses. It has transformed the world of northern roses.


Alexander Mackenzie            Captain Samuel Holland                             Champlain                                     Charles Albanel                           David Thompson


             Henry Hudson                             Henry Kelsey                                John Cabot                                        John Davis                               Marie Victoran    


          Nicholas                                  Quadra                       William Baffin

Assorted Hybrids

This is a varied mix of roses originating from around the world.Most bloom throughout the season. We have chosen varieties that are hardy and healthy.


                   Albertine                             Bassino                           Carefree Beauty                  Goldbusch                       Lucy Irene                      Morden Snow Beauty


               Morden 6910                              Polestar                                      Prarie Joy                                    Ramblin Red                                      Raubritter         

Guide to Roses for Particular Uses

Climbers and Ramblers

Albertine, Alexander Mackenzie, Captain Samuel Holland, Henry Kelsey, John Cabot, Lillian Gibson, Lucy Irene, Polestar, Quadra, Ramblin Red, Repens alba, Sir Thomas Lipton, William Baffin


Belle Poitvine, Blanc Double de Coubert, Charles Albanel, Dart's Dash, David Thompson, Delicata, Double Scotch White, F.J Grootendorst, Grootendorst Pink, Grootendorst Supreme, Grootendorst White, Hansa, Lucy Irene, Magnifica, Moje Hammarberg, Nyvelt, Pierette Pavement, Pink Pavement, Polareis, Purple Pavement, Pristine Pavement, Roseraie de L'Hay, Scarbrosa, Snow Pavement, Souvenir de Philemon Cochet, Therese Bugnet, Wasagaming, White Pavement, William Baffin

Low Growers & Ground Covers

Bassino, Campfire, Champlain, Doorenbos, Marie Bugnet, Morden Snow Beauty, Prairie Joy, Raubritter


Alain Blanchard, Blanc double de Coubert, Cardinal de Richelieu, Charles Albanel, Charles de Mills, Chloris, Dart's Dash, David Thompson, Delicata, Double Scotch White, Fantin Latour, Fru Dagmar Hastrup, Hansa, Henri Martin, Henry Hudson, Kakwa, Magnifica, Maiden's Blush, Marie Bugnet, Mme. Plantier, Moje Hammarberg, Nyvelt, Parfun de L'Hay, Pierette Pavement, Pink Pavement, Polareis, Pristine Pavement, Purple Pavement, Queen of Denmark, Rosa cinnamomea 'Plena', Sir Thomas Lipton, Souvenir de Philemon Cochet, Therese Bugnet, Wasagaming, White Pavement 

Other Roses

This is a list of more roses that we grow at the nursery. We may only have them potted or they may be in short supply. PLEASE INQUIRE.


              Aïcha                      Apothecary (R. gallica 'officinalis')                 R. alba Semi-Plena                            Belle Isis                                     Celestial (Celeste)


              Dr. Merkeley                             Fimbriata                          Frühlingsgold           George Vancouver                     Geranium                      Harison's Yellow


         Jens Munk                                  J. P. Connell                                             Kakwa                                     Lambert Closse                                 Lillian Gibson


                     Louis Jolliet                                          Metis                                             Minette                                           Morden Centennial                  Morden Ruby


          Mrs. John McNab                           Simon Fraser                                      Snowdrift                                Stanwell Perpetual                          Sunrise Sunset   


                    Suzanne                                            The Fairy                                    Tuscany Superba                            William Booth                           William Lobb

Rose Table, 2009
This "Rose Table" in the retail area gives a quick view of what
varieties of roses are blooming each day. Friday, June 29, 2001                                                                                                                   
they were at their prime 132 varieties were blooming at the nursery!